Gu10 Led 7W Dimmable 260 Lumens

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Wattage - 7W
Lumens - 260lm
Dimmable - Yes
Replacement Wattage - 70W
Beam Angle - 45 Degrees
GU10 LED 7W Dimmable 260 Lumens

These GU10 LED bulbs are highly energy efficient, as a result they are up to 90% more efficient than the Halogen equivalent.

This GU10 LED bulb comes in warm white and uses 7 watts, a perfect replacement for a 70 watt Halogen bulb.

Additionally our LEDs last up to 20 times more than a traditional halogen bulb.

This GU10 LED has a life span of up to 30,000 hours.

Our 7 Watt GU10 LED bulb gives out a 45 degree beam of light.

Can be used without a dimmer switch if you do not want the bulbs to dim.

2 Year Warranty!

Manufactured by One Light


Our Dimmable GU10 bulbs are only compatible with specific Trailing Edge dimmer switches that have the minimum current flow required. Your bulbs will not work with standard leading edge dimmer switches that operate with a higher current load.

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Energy Rating - A+

Features - Dimmable

Lampholder - GU10


70mm Length x 50mm Diameter


Input - 230V

Watts - 7 Watt

Light Characteristics

Beam Angle - 45 Degrees

Lumen - 260lm